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About Us

Our mission is to help those to escape the rat race and have another source of income to not just rely on their 9-5

This will be a complete hands off passive income experience for those who are looking to make money in their sleep while their store is running 24/7.

For the individuals to not wanting to stress out about paying another bill or just barely make it from living paycheck to paycheck

done for you


Product Research


Product Listing


Order Fulfillment


Customer Service








Minimum $3k-$10k in Capital for Order Fulfillment

Think long term like an investor


One Time Yearly Renewal Fee of $1500 To Continue to Run Store


$ 11,500
  • 70/30 Profit Split


$ 13,500
  • 80/20 Profit Split

Early Retirement

$ 15,000
  • 90/10 Profit Split

You don’t have to invest in stock, keep inventory, or deal with transportation, and your profit comes from the price margin.

The Facebook Marketplace is now one of the finest under-the-radar selling channels to start or build your dropshipping business and that is in part due to Facebook’s ability to drive a ton of free organic traffic to our store on the marketplace.

This is for you if you’re new to dropshipping or want to expand your dropshipping business by selling on a new selling channel.

how does it all work

A consumer buys anything from your dropshipping shop.

You place the order using the information provided by your chosen provider for your buyer.

The goods is delivered to your customer by the provider.

The Facebook Marketplace is one of the newest and most successful dropshipping selling channels.

Although the Facebook Marketplace has been available for a while, drop shippers have only just begun to use it as a platform for building their dropshipping company.

Despite the fact that Facebook Marketplace is not new, it is mostly underutilized.
On Facebook Marketplace, there are fewer dropshippers, but organic traffic and sales are at an all-time high. As a result, now is the ideal moment to begin dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace and reap the benefits (sooner rather than later).

Look no further if you're interested in dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace but don't know where to begin. We will lead you through the whole process, making it enjoyable and rewarding.